We test software across macOS and Windows, and have for a major Kiwi brand.
macOS, Windows, Linux? We have you covered.
We test across macOS, Windows and Linux. We own the latest Macbook Pro's (with Touch Bar), allowing us to test how your software integrates with real world devices. If your software relies on plugging devices in we can test this too, instead of it going through a virtual machine where there can be differences compared to using a real world device, with it's own components. We also have Windows and Linux machines, which means we have you and your product fully covered and can test across the market.

We've tested software used by hundreds of thousands of music enthusiasts.
We have worked with some pretty major clients, and one of our recent additions is a company who releases software to hundreds of thousands of music enthusiasts, namely Melodics. We were brought onto this project at an extremely late stage, only a few weeks before they launched their new version of their software, but we helped them get the project into a place where it was more usable and we had helped identify some major flaws and bugs, without them losing time by having to do this themselves. Through using us they were able to launch on time, with a piece of software which was able to impact thousands across the world.

We use a mixture of automated and manual testing for regression based testing.
We use a mixture of automated and manual testing, depending on what we are doing. If your project involves a lot of process, we can setup automated tests as you push out new versions to make sure nothing across a magnitude of processes which a user does has broken. We also do manual testing, and edge case tests, doing random activities which your software might not expect, but a user could do and cause your program to crash. We don't just follow links and processes, at each turn we attempt to break your software, because at the end of the day not every user is going to follow the processes you've programmed completely, and we aim to make sure you have accounted for this.

We have fitted into projects at all sorts of stages.
We can fit into projects at any stage. Whether you're starting and want us to test along the development cycle, or want us to test near the end of your projects cycle before it goes live, we can fit in at any stage - and we have countless of times. We can work with you to help you fit testing into your process, so that neither of us are a burden on each other.