We live for modern and sleek design. Help us improve your design and usability.
We understand the fundamentals of usability and design.
We have tested a lot of websites, and helped our clients with what works and doesn't work. Without an understanding of usability and design principles, websites, apps or software can flop very easily. When doing any sort of testing, we offer the option of design feedback. We often work with designers and notice that sometimes, it is easy to focus so much on something looking good, that the usability of the design is missed. Just having an external viewpoint can stop agencies, developers and designers from falling into this trap.

We see your project as a first time user, allowing us to provide invaluable feedback.
Where we differ from agencies or companies doing their own internal testing, is the difference in that we are seeing your projects as a first time user, just like your clients will be. We've found through a lot of research and testing with our own clients that it is very easy for project managers, developers and even designers to miss key issues with the usability or design, because they have become familiar with the project and how it works. On our initial and first test run through of your project, we test its usability, and often give major design feedback on what works and doesn't work. We've helped change a lot of websites just on a pure usability standpoint.

From misplaced elements to functional usability issues.
Hard to find how to signup? Make no sense a button, field or element being there? Take too long to get from A to B or is quite confusing? These are the sort of feedback we provide. From pure design issues to full functional issues which are damaging the usability of your project, our clients have found that having some sort of external opinion can make the difference between your newly launched project being a complete success, or a flop which people struggle to understand or use.

Fully complimentary with our Front End QA services.
Our design and usability feedback goes directly hand in hand with our QA services, and as we test through your project we will note what can be made better to help make your overall project more usable. Our clients use this feedback, and we have helped make some major changes in our clients projects to improve their design and usability.