Our Work
Learn more about Pixelstax and what we do.
What we are all about.
Pixelstax is a digital agency which loves design, the web and perfection. We work with a number of clients in Wellington and Auckland to ensure that the websites which they are developing work great no matter what browser or device their clients are using to ensure a good user experience.

We have helped some major brands across New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America through our clients, and have helped in reporting thousands of bugs and issues. We're all about helping you lift your quality in a market which is getting more and more competitive. We find that those who choose to work with us are looking for the upper hand on being different and better in an overly saturated market.

We have had great success working with a wide range of clients.
We work with all sorts of clients. Whether it is a large agency, an agency based solely on contractors across the world/New Zealand - we fit right in and have had great success with different sorts of clients and their unique needs. We've also worked at many different stages down the development path, and work with you to ensure that adding us to your process is as painless as possible.

We're based down under in Auckland, New Zealand.
Pixelstax is a digital agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. In fact, we are pretty central, being based just by the Sky Tower in the CBD. Our location doesn't limit us though. We work for clients across Auckland and Wellington and work with teams through tools such as Slack to ensure that we are as responsive as possible to our clients needs.