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Pixelstax is a digital agency based out of Auckland, New Zealand. We work with other digital agencies offering front-end QA testing, which is where most of our business comes from. We work with a range of digital agencies across Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand - helping them with their front-end QA testing through cross browser compatibility checks and client requirement checks. We help busy digital agencies with a very important part of their process: testing - and work on a per-hour basis. We also offer web development and web design services, help clients with performance tuning their existing websites and help our clients through their media, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Pixelstax is quite a unique digital agency. We work directly with other digital agencies in offering quality assurance testing services, something which allows you as a digital agency to offload an important part of the development process and make sure it gets done right. We work on a contractual basis with agencies in Auckland and Wellington and have become an important part of the development process for a number of our clients who use us in all or most of their projects.


No one likes them, but bugs sometimes make it out to live websites which you or your client have paid a large amount of money for. Pixelstax provides robust and in-depth testing to make sure your website works across devices properly and isn't being launched with a large amount of bus which will cause a poor user experience or lose you clients/money. With the ability to test across a large amount of devices and browsers, we help ensure you are not launching a product which is set to fail.


Testing that your website works properly across a wide range of mobile, desktop and tablet devices is extremely important, but something which can be a timely and tedious job. Without the proper skills or tools, bugs and issues can be missed meaning that your users are getting a poor user experience and being turned away from interacting with your brand. Pixelstax offers our clients the ability to have a third party external tester (us) to go through your website/developments, no matter what stage the project is in, to get a comprehensive report on bugs we find across a magnitude of devices, browsers and their respective versions. Making sure your project is working responsively across any sort of device your users could be using is a very important part of the development process which should not be skipped.


You can create something, but how usable is it? We find with many of our clients, that those involved in the process of a project, such as developers or product managers, become so involved with the project that simple things such as the usability of the website can often be missed due to their familiarity with the project. As we are viewing your project like one of your users, for the first time, we often provide very valuable design and usability feedback to our clients, with a lot of our feedback getting incorporated into the projects we have tested.


How many users can your website handle, and at what point does it fall over? This is a question which not many people can answer, with many websites going down due to an excessive load of users. We have the capability to load test your website to see how many users it can handle, and at what point your website will fall over. If you're releasing a new website, we can give your server a test, or if you're about to launch a new advertising campaign we can work with you to work out if your website will stay up during your campaign.


The human attention span is very short, with many users often only visiting a website from anywhere from six to eight seconds before leaving again. Amazon found out that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales, and Google found that for every 0.5 seconds in search page generation time that traffic dropped by 20%. If your website isn't fast, you're losing customers. We understand in high depth how to make websites blazing fast. Google ranks our performance at 99% in their PageSpeed tests, website speedtests indicate that our website is faster than 94% of websites on the internet and we understand how to leverage browser caching and compression to reduce how long users must wait between page loads on your website. We can work with you on new or developing websites to tune the performance ot make sure that your website is running as fast as possible.
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